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[ADMIN] FAQs - Why isn't it working?!
Since every Reddit post for my icons has a lot of questions asked, I decided to compile this:



Q) How do I install the icons?
A) I made a visual tutorial, which can be found here:
There's also a short text tutorial in the README file in my rar archives.

Q) I don't have a "Customize" tab!
A) The customize tab doesn't show up when you're viewing the folder under the "Libraries" directory - e.g. The "Videos" or "Music" shortcuts on your start menu. To get the customize tab, browse to "C:\Users\[Your Username]\My Videos" and try again.

Q) How do I make icons out of the files on this booru?
A) Save them onto your computer and use this website:

Q) Do you have a download for Macs?
A) Yes, but that means you'll have windows folders on your mac! My first set can be downloaded here:
Keep in mind that Mac icons are not a priority at the moment, and as such I will not likely convert any more icons to mac format until I'm finished with ALL my icons. Feel free to convert the windows ones yourself though!

Q) Can I share these icons with others?
A) Yes, but please keep the README.txt with them as it contains the credits for all artists' work involved in the icons' creation.


Q) What software do you use to make these?
A) Adobe Photoshop CS6

Q) Do you take requests?
A) Yes! I've got a big list which you can check on the forum here. No guarantees I'll get through them all though.

Q) How can I help?
A) Contribute! Download the template from the Rules, Tools & Misc topic and start making some more icons for everyone :D


Q) Are you a graphics designer?
A) Not in the slightest. I'm just an average dude who can work photoshop. The stuff I do for these folders is more or less "advanced copy/paste" :P


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